About Us

Jeremiah’s Hope Academy (JHA) is a job skills training program that exists to equip persons for entry-level healthcare positions.  The training received at JHA qualifies individuals to sit for national certification examinations, and upon successful completion, will allow them to apply for healthcare positions that offer greater earning potential. The initial employment position often serves the graduate of JHA as a springboard for pursuing further education and training for a career beyond the entry-level, thereby providing opportunity for greater economic self-sufficiency.

The JHA curriculum provides instruction in the job skills required for a chosen area of work, along with supplemental life skills courses and job search assistance.  These additional courses are included in the curriculum to assist the student by providing resources and instruction in coping with the challenges of daily life, and provide information and guidance in retaining employment.  Each course of study provides a strong core curriculum, basic computer skills, life skills training, pre-clinical skills lab experience, and an extensive clinical experience.

The six courses of study currently offered as regular academic programs by JHA are:
• Sterile Processing Technician Mental Health Technician
• Patient Care Assistant
• Phlebotomist
• Mental Health Technician
• Clinical Medical Assisting • Medical Office Assistant


the Academy offers to individuals currently working in specific health care positions special courses that qualify the student to sit for national certification examinations. You may find out more about these programs by clicking on Programs on the sidebar menu.

The Academy offers 4 academic terms each year.

All programs are offered each term, and most are 12 weeks in length.  You may go to the Program Page of this website to find the specific information for each program or. You can find information on the next available class term schedule by clicking on Calendar on the left sidebar.

The goals and objectives for Jeremiah’s Hope:
To provide graduates with the skills necessary to seek full-time employment in the healthcare industry

To increase the pool of qualified applicants for entry-level healthcare positions

To ensure that graduates are fully qualified in their chosen field and possess the basic life skills that will promote personal development and increase employment retention

To provide individuals the opportunity to transition from government assistance to employment and self-sufficiency

To create direct links between organizations that support individuals in need of job training and the health care organizations in need of qualified employees

To contribute to the economic development of the State of Alabama



For more information, please call (205) 939-7233.