Once you graduate from JH Academy you automatically become a member of the JHA Alumni Association. Your status as an alumnus entitles you to participate in all JH Academy Alumni Association programs, events and activities. So don’t miss out – please join us!
Mission Statement: Jeremiah’s Hope Academy Alumni Association develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between Jeremiah’s Hope Academy and its alumni and friends, leading to increased support for the academy’s mission and goals.

Membership Expectations:
1. Establish and cultivate relationships with alumni, faculty and friends of Jeremiah’s Hope Academy through communications, programs, and services.
2. Be a positive spokesperson for the programs offered through JHA.
3. Participate in graduation ceremonies by sharing of your testimony and/or serving during the graduation and reception.
4. Participate in informational and/or public relations events on behalf of JHA.
5. Empower alumni through the lifelong opportunities for learning and personal and professional development.
6. Recruit alumni as active promoters of JHA and the Alumni Association itself as a valuable partner of the Academy.
7. Identify, motivate and train strong alumni volunteers to raise scholarship funds, market programs and foster student recruitment for Jeremiah’s Hope Academy.

To join the JH Academy Alumni Association please contact

For more information, please call (205) 939-7233.