Application and Admissions

Admission Jeremiah’s Hope Academy (JHA) welcomes and encourages individuals who are interested in entry level employment in healthcare to apply to the academy for acceptance into their chosen course of study. Applicants must follow the application procedures to be considered for acceptance into the Academy. Standard Programs: Applicants to the Standard JHA programs must be 18 years of age or older and possess a minimum education of GED or high school diploma. Individuals must also meet the qualifications required for employment in a hospital or healthcare setting (must complete a background check and health screening appropriately). Due to demand and limited class size, admission to JHA is competitive. A completed application does not assure acceptance. Following final acceptance, tuition must be paid on or before the date of Registration and Enrollment to be admitted to the school.

Standard Program Application and Admission Process – ABC’s:
A. Please complete and submit:
1. Click to link to form to print: Admissions Application Form
2. Schedule and complete an interview with admissions committee
3. Submit a copy of GED, High School Diploma, or college transcript (submit proof of the highest level of education). Minimum requirement for admission is a GED.
4. Provide a state issued photo identification and valid Social Security card to copy and include in-application
5. Submit the Non-refundable processing fee ($20.00 in the form of cash, cashier’s check, credit card or money order ) This fee covers the cost of your health/drug screening.

B. Upon Receipt of the above and Provisional Acceptance you must:
6. Successfully complete health/drug screening and medical clearance or program of study.
7. Successfully complete a background check .

C. When you receive letter of Acceptance you must:
8. Pay the current tuition and fees published for the program of your acceptance, register and enroll in classes before or on the posted Registration and Enrollment date. (Fully accepted students may begin to make tuition payments in advance of the Registration and Enrollment Date.)
9. Appear in person on the Registration and Enrollment Date for Photo Identification and student materials.
9. Attend Orientation sessions.
10. Successfully complete TB Two Step Process* (provided by JHA after classes begin).

All steps must be completed to be considered for acceptance into a program. Consideration for admission into a program is based on satisfactory results of all steps. Formal Acceptance is at the discretion of the Director.

Jeremiah’s Hope Academy.
Due to limited space, qualified applicants may be tentatively accepted and be placed on a waiting list. Wait-listed applicants may be offered an opportunity to enroll in the course at the next term. A subsequent background check and drug screening will be required if the next term is longer than 90 days following the completion of the original screening/check. Qualified applicants will be notified by mail regarding the specific requirements and restrictions of the waiting list.

Application Deadlines are posted on the website in the Academy Calendar

[Click here for current tuition and fee schedule]

For more information, please call (205) 939-7233.