Financial Assistance

Financial Aid
At Jeremiah’s Hope Academy we understand not only the importance of an education that offers opportunity for job stability, but also the need for students to access affordable education. It is our goal to assist students in accessing available financial aid. In order to assist prospective students with obtaining financial assistance JHA, Jeremiah’s Hope Scholarship Fund and government programs offer the following need/merit–based programs. A completed application does not guarantee that the individual will qualify for the assistance programs listed below. JHA programs are not eligible for Federal Student Grant and Loan programs.

GI Bill Provider
JHA is an eligible Provider for GI Bill education and training benefits. Applicants must verify eligibility and provide required documents to receive those benefits as an enrolled student in a JHA eligible program. All Academy Programs are eligible for GI Benefits.

WIOA Provider
JHA is an eligible Provider for the State of Alabama Workforce Development WIOA program. Applicants must be approved by the WIOA office near their residence, to receive this funding for qualified training programs. The application to Jeremiah’s Hope Academy and the application for WIA funding are separate processes, and applicants must complete them separately in order to qualify. For information about WIOA approved training programs, contact the Career Center near your residence or visit the Alabama WIOA website at

JH Academy offers assistance to Regular program and Track II program students that qualify for financial aid in the form of a partial scholarship. Full scholarships are not awarded. This scholarship will be applied to tuition and items covered there in. In order to qualify, prospects must meet specific criteria. If interested, please complete the Scholarship Application and submit all required documents by the published deadline. Scholarships are limited, awarded by the Scholarship Committee and vary in amounts. Click here to print the application form.

Installment Payments
Regular program and Track II program students that can show that they are capable of making payments may be considered for the JHA installment payment agreement. This agreement allows the student to pay tuition in full while attending classes. Installment agreements are determined by financial criteria and are at the discretion of the manager. All installment agreements require a down payment, and all financial obligations to JHA must be satisfied to be eligible to advance to clinical courses and graduation. Installment agreements are based upon the individual student’s ability to make payments. Click here to print the installment payment application form.



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