I Like Information and Technology

People who like to work with information and technology, and especially those who like to do this work as a part of the healthcare team, will be interested in the programs at Jeremiah’s Hope Academy (JHA). There are three (3) information and technology programs offered at JHA.

If you really enjoy computers and the special types of information that make up the care records of patients, you might want to consider the Electronic Health Records Specialist (EHR) program. This JHA program leads to eligibility to earn a national certification (CEHRS) upon completion. Electronic Health Records Specialists work in the business and/or health information management offices in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies and government offices. If you would like information about the JHA EHR program, click here.

Maybe you would prefer to work with computers and numbers, codes, and finance. If that is an area that interests you, then find out more about the Billing and Coding Specialist (B & C) program at JHA. Graduates of this program are eligible to test for the first level of national certification in Billing and Coding (CBCS). Billing and Coding Specialists work for physicians, hospitals, third-party billing services, insurance companies and other related agencies in their billing and/or finance offices. You can find out more about this program by clicking here.

Perhaps you like working with technology, information and people. If you enjoy customer service, like meeting and serving the public, and like using a computer and keyboarding, the Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) program at JHA is just the one for you. Medical Administrative Assistant graduates will be prepared to take the Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) national certification examination. Medical Administrative Assistants work in hospitals, clinics and physician offices. They often serve in roles of receptionist, scheduler, unit secretary, patient access representative and other administrative support roles. To learn more about the MAA program at JHA, click here.



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